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The Orioles inspired us to discuss how to value a draft pick, a backup catcher doing dangerous things update, and we yell just a little about Mac Williamson.

Time for a game of superlatives! Some mean, some silly, and one heartwarmingly serious yearbook style superlative, plus notes on Dan Johnson's new adventure.

Note: The design I promised to link to in this week's episode is, sadly, no longer available. You should still go check out friend-of-the-podcast Sarah's Red Bubble store though, because there are dozens of other wonderful things you'd probably like.

We discuss Cliff Lee and retirement tours, followed by whether the unwritten rules do anything positive for baseball and some weird and unworkable rules we'd still love to see attempted.

We discuss things to watch for the upcoming season, including teams that could underperform their hype, what's going on with the Nationals, and whether the Red Sox can shake their bad free agent luck.

In this week's episode, learn way too much about your hosts, as we take a page from Barry Zito's playbook and name our All Dreamy Team.

In this week's episode, we decide who we would want on the mound to get three outs to save our lives, and give an update on John Ryan Murphy's latest hobby.

In this week's episode we discuss another baffling offseason move for the Rockies, the state of the Giants, and the philosophical meaning of the even year.

In this week's episode we catch up on the Justin Upton and Yoenis Cespedes contracts and make some predictions about the New York Yankees, with the help of ZiPS projections (which can be found at Fangraphs).

On this week's episode, we discuss Ian Kennedy and Chris Davis' big new contracts and how to construct a roster for the Colorado Rockies that could actually win.

This week's most used phrases: "whyyyyyyy?" and "ON THE MOON!"

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